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The Honourable Member for Vegreville: The Memoirs and Diary of Anthony Hlynka, M.P. (1940-49)

By Anthony Hlynka, Edited and Translated by Oleh W. Gerus and Denis Hlynka

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432 pages, 30 illustrations

6 x 9 inches

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June 2005

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About the Book

Anthony Hlynka was the only sitting Member of Parliament of Ukrainian origin from 1940 to 1945. This book, translated from his personal memoirs and diaries, offers an unprecedented insight into his personal and professional life.

Translated from personal memoirs and diaries, this is a compelling story of Anthony Hlynka, the only sitting Member of Parliament of Ukrainian origin from 1940 to 1945.

Representing the constituency of Vegreville, Alberta, for the Social Credit party, Hlynka was a high-profile Member of Parliament who garnered much attention from the English-language press. He was instrumental in raising awareness of human rights issues and the plight of displaced persons following the Second World War and was a major supporter of the so-called third wave of Ukrainian immigrants to Canada.

When he died unexpectedly at the age of fifty, Hlynka had begun work on his memoirs. Now, fifty years later, with the materials provided by his widow, Stephanie Hlynka, the editors of this volume have crafted a unique and significant contribution to the historical memory of Ukrainian Canadians.

About the Editor

Oleh Gerus is a professor of history at the University of Manitoba and author of numerous books and papers dealing with Ukrainian history.

The Honourable Member for Vegreville was published as a part of Legacies Shared

Table of Contents


Part I: Selections Translated from Antin hlynka, Posol Federalnoho, Parlimentu Kanday, 1940–49 and Draft Manuscript

Reflections on the Way to Ottawa
How I Became a Politician
The 1940 Election
The 1945 Election
Responsibilities of a Ukrainian Canadian Member of Parliament
The Ukrainian Liberation Struggle
For Equality of All Canadian Citizens

Part II: From Hlynka’s Diary and Notes

On the Way to London
Hlynka in London
Hlynka in Germany
Hlynka in Italy
The Return from Europe: Helping the Refugees

Part III: Selected Speeches of Anthony Hlynka

House of Commons: In Defence of Western Farmers, 21 June 1940
House of Commons: United Canada, 25 November 1940
What Price Freedom? 11 March 1944
House of Commons: Farmer’s Problems, 23 May 1944
House of Commons: Displaced Persons in Europe, 26 September 1945
The Problem of Ukrainian Displaced Persons, 12 January 1946
Immigration, 5 June 1946
House of Commons, 1947–48 Budget and the Canadian Farmer, 27 May 1947
Ukrainian Christmas, 5 January 1948
House of Commons: Displaced Persons and Refugees, 31 May 1948
Canada, 18 September 1948
House of Commons: The Present Position of Agriculture and its Outlook for the Future, 7 March 1949
Empire Day, 24 May 1949
Hlynka in Hansard

Part IV: Hlynka as Portrayed in the Canadian Press

Parliament, 26 November 1940
Ukrainian Calls for Unity, 26 November 1940
Ukrainian Hall Dedicated to Furthering War Effort, 17 March 1941
Ukrainians in Canada Incest Mother Country Remain as Independent, 23 May 1941
Only Ukrainian Member is Proud of Countrymen Here, 26 June 1941
Biography: Anthony Hlynka, November 1941
Definite Plan of Freedom Urged, 2 February 1942
Anthony H. Hlynka: Declares for More Definite Pronouncement of Peace Aims, 3 February 1942
Asks Canada to Help Ukraine Regain Her Independence, 3 February 1942
A Peculiar Speech, 7 February 1942
Letter to the Editor, 16 February 1942
Group of Ukrainian Critics Communist, M.P. Charges, 21 February 1942
Crowded Theatre Hears Ukrainian M.P., 23 March 1942
End of Race Prejudice Foreseen by Alberta M.P., 23 March 1942
Mr. Hlynka Will Vote "Yes", 27 April 1942
Editorial, 29 April 1942
Parliamentary Personalities: Anthony Hlynka, Social Credit, Vegreville, Alberta, March 1943
Urge Ukrainians Boost Enlistments to Forces and Further War Drives, 17 March 1943
Ukrainians play Big Role in Canadian War Forces, 3 April 1943
Extract From Maclean’s Magazine, 1 August 1943
Vegreville’s M.P. Married in Toronto, 1 December 1943
Hlynka Worries about Ukraine, 27 March 1945
Editorial, 28 March 1945
Vegreville M.P. Thanks Electors, 12 July 1945
Hlynka Urges Stop Pressure on Repatriates, 24 September 1945
Scored M.P. Slams Reds, 26 September 1945
Hlynka Protests Moving Ukrainians, 25 January 1946
Protests Patriot Betrayal to Russian Persecution, 26 January 1946
People Weep, Raise $5,000 as Hlynka Pleads for Refugees, 28 January 1946
‘Cross Town with Cross, 20 March 1946
Warns against Fifth Column Work of Reds, 20 May 1946
All–Canada Ukrainian Congress an Eye–Opener, 7 June 1946
Lakehead Ukrainians Hear Anthony Hlynka, M.P., 8 June 1946
Sees Red Voting Immigration Bar, 24 March 1947
MP Describes Plight of Displaced Persons, 28 April 1947
Urges Canada to Accept Desirable Europeans, 5 May 1947
Hlynka Asks Immigration Relaxation, 12 May 1947
Merely Half of Comps for Displaced Persons Found "Fair to Good", 26 May 1947
Strictly Political, 12 July 1947
BC Can "Handle" 230,000 Immigrants, 10 October 1947
Hlynka Praises the Star’s Anti–Commie Leadership, 4 May 1948
Hlynka Asks D.P.’s Use Idle Farms, 1 June 1949
Votes of Vegreville Constituency! 1949
MP Claims Red’s Vote Defeated Tony Hlynka, 3 October 1949


The Historical Significance of Ukrainian Group Settlement in Canada
The Federal Constituency of Vegreville, Alberta in the 1940s
The First Ukrainian Canadian in Parliament: Michael Luchkovich
Additional Readings
Speeches to Vegreville Riding