Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you Publish?

The University of Calgary Press publishes peer-reviewed academic books across the humanities and social sciences. We publish monographs, co- and multi-authored books, and collections. Our series in specialized topics represent focused areas of interest. We also publish work that does not fit neatly into our series.

The University of Calgary Press publishes fiction, poetry, plays, and other creative literary forms in our Brave & Brilliant literary series.

LCR Publishing Services publishes meaningful scholarly or techincal work that falls outside strict format of the traditional academic monograph and does not require additional peer review.

Bighorn Books publishes gripping, research-based non-fiction for general readers with curious minds.

How do I submit my book?

The Press accepts submissions of prospectus forms and manuscripts by email. Please see our Become an Author page for full details on how to submit your work.

Should I submit to a series?

Our series editors are top specialists in their subject areas and act as champions for the books in their purview. Submitting to a series means that your manuscript will be handled by an expert scholar with up-to-date knowledge in the field. We encourage authors working in specialized topics to submit their work to the appropriate series.

Do I have to submit to a series?

You do not have to submit to a series. UCalgary Press is happy to consider submissions of academic work across all areas of the humanities and social sciences, and frequently publish titles that fall between or beyond our series. However, Fiction, poetry, and other creative work is published exclusively in our literary series, Brave & Brilliant.

Will my book go through peer review?

As an academic publisher the peer review process is central to our publishing program. All UCalgary Press books, including literary books, are published only after successfully completing peer review.

Books published by LCR Publishing Services are not sent for additional peer review. Books published by Bighorn Books are not sent for peer review.

I’m not affiliated with the University of Calgary, can I publish with you?

We welcome submission of academic manuscripts from authors and editors around the world. You do not to be a University of Calgary affiliate to publish with us, although scholars currently associated with the university are welcome to submit.

At this time, we are only able to accept literary submissions from Canadian authors.

Will you print my book?

The University of Calgary Press does not provide a printing service.Bound and Copied offers full printing and binding services to students and the public, and The Campus Print Shop offers professional printing services to UCalgary departments and employees

Will you distribute my book?

The University of Calgary Press does not provide a book distribution service. Visit the Association fo Canadian Publishers for information about book distribution in Canada.

Will you publish my family history?

The Press no longer publishes collections of source material and very rarely publishes family/local histories or biographies without a significant academic component. Resources and information on how to publish all types of books can be found at The Association of Canadian Publishers

I’ve submitted my book for for publication, can I put it on my CV?

Book Proposals, manuscripts under consideration, and manuscripts undergoing peer review should not be listed on your CV. While we understand the excitement of a new submission and the need for a great CV, this can cause undue confusion for people trying to locate your work. Books may be listed as “in press,” “forthcoming,” etc, only after an offer of publication has been extended.

I’m a member of UCalgary Faculty or Staff and I want to request an ISBN. What do I do?

The Press maintains a bank of ISBNs which may be requested by faculty and staff for use on relevant UCalgary publications. To request an ISBN, please contact us and include the format, title and authorship, and publication date of the work for which the ISBN will be used. The Press does not supply ISSNs or ISMNs. Visit ISBN Canada for more information about ISBNs.