Become an Author

Become an Author

What We Publish

The University of Calgary Press publishes works that embody the spirit of curiosity inherent scholarly inquiry. We invest in ideas that transform how we think about—and shape—our world. We publish peer-reviewed, academic non-fiction in all areas of the humanities and social sciences, with fourteen series in specialized scholarly topics.

Brave & Brilliant, our literary series, publishes literary works, including fiction, poetry, plays, and other creative forms, authored by Canadian citizens or permanent residents.

LCR Publishing Services, an imprint of the University of Calgary Press, offers a full-feature publication program for those seeking to publish and distribute meaningful fully funded scholarly or technical work that falls outside the strict format of the academic monograph and does not require additional peer review.

Bighorn Books, an imprint of the University of Calgary Press, publishes stories so good they have to be true. These non-fiction books present spellbinding tales from the hidden corners of history, trace the path of research and innovation through unexpected challenges to surprising results, and join fascinating people through unique careers, incredible experiences, and travels around the globe. Based in research, written for everyone, Bighorn Books will illuminate and inspire.

Open Access

As an academic publisher, we feel a responsibility to ensure that knowledge is accessible to the widest possible audience. We therefore embrace Open Access publishing and make our scholarly books available in free-to-download PDF format under a BY-NC-ND Creative Commons license in addition to publishing our books in print and for-purchase eBook formats.

If you have questions about Open Access publishing, please contact us.

The Submission Process

Academic Manuscripts

We accept submissions of proposals for non-fiction, academic book manuscripts in all areas of the humanities and social sciences from scholars around the world. Collections, co-authored books, multi-authored books and monographs are all accepted. Submissions to our specialized series are encouraged, and can be indicated on the prospectus form. Submissions on general topics are welcome.

UCalgary Press no longer publishes family histories, local histories, collections of interviews, letters, or primary sources, or biographies without a significant scholarly component.

To submit, please complete the scholarly prospectus form and submit it to our editorial coordinator. Please review the style and documentation guides and figure submission guidelines while preparing your prospectus. You will receive a response from us within two weeks. If you have not heard from us after this time, please send a submission status inquiry.

As of September 2019 the Press is only able to publish academic work for which funding can be secured. We are committed to publishing works of academic excellence and will work with you to find and confirm sources of funding. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Brave & Brilliant Literary Manuscripts

We accept submissions of poetry, fiction, plays, creative non-fiction, and everything between and beyond, from Canadian citizens or permanent residents. Creative works are published in our literary series, Brave & Brilliant. We are especially interested in work that challenges genre boundaries, breaks with tradition, and that highlights untold stories and unheard voices. We welcome literary submissions from authors at all career stages.

To submit, please complete the Literary Prospectus Form and return it to our editorial coordinator.

Please include your complete manuscript. The Press accepts submission of finished manuscripts only. If your work contains images, please review the figure submission guidelines. Manuscripts must be of a length that will result in a book with a minimum of eighty pages.

Submissions to are accepted to our spring reading period January 1 – June 30 and to our fall reading period July 1 – December 31.

Manuscripts are assessed in the months following each reading period. The Press assesses literary submissions under a thorough, academic-based model consisting of internal and external review. We endeaver to notify authors of the results of internal review within one year of the closing date of each submission period, however, due to large volumes of submissions, notifications may be delayed.

The Press is not able to provide comments or feedback on manuscripts. Decisions to publish are made by our editorial board following peer review.

We welcome simultaneous submission to this series until the conclusion of the internal review process. Should your manuscript enter external review we ask that you withdraw it from consideration elsewhere. If your submitted manuscript is accepted for publication at another publisher, please send an immediate notification of withdrawal.

Please contact us with any questions you may have about our publication process.

Our Imprints

LCR Publishing Services publishes scholarly and technical works that fall outside the strict format of the academic monograph, that offer unique and meaningful findings, or that are particularly time sensitive. Visit the LCR Publishing Services homepage to learn more.

Bighorn Books publishes general interest non-fiction. Written for an engaged audience who value gripping storytelling, unexpected discoveries, and fascinating facts, these are the stories so good they have to be true. Visit the Bighorn Books homepage to learn more.

The Approval Process

Academic and Literary Works

Your submission will be reviewed by our editorial team. If you have submitted directly to a series, the series editor will also review your proposal. If your book fits within the mandate of the press and within our publishing program, it will then move forward to peer review.

Both scholarly and literary books undergo peer review. Your work will be assessed by at least two experts in the field. Once assessments have been received, a proposal for publication will be presented to our editorial board.

All University of Calgary Press books are published at the recommendation of, and after review by, our editorial board. Comprised of distinguished faculty, the board members are experts in their fields and familiar with the demands of publishing.

Our Imprints

After receiving your query, the team will review your project and its fitness for the imprint to which you have submitted. We may request additional information, including manuscript samples. Our editorial team will carefully review your proposal with consideration to our previous and upcoming list, and our ongoing publications program.


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