Legacies Shared

Legacies Shared was a series active between 1999 and 2005.

The Legacies Shared series preserved the many personal histories and experiences of pioneer and immigrant life that may have been overlooked or may have disappeared. The purpose of the series was to create, save, and publish voices from the heartland of the continent that may otherwise have been lost to the public discourse. In form, the manuscripts took the shape of memoirs, letters, photographs, artwork, recipes or maps, works of fiction or poetry, archival documents, and oral histories.

Legacies Shared

#1Looking for Country: A Norwegian Immigrant’s Alberta Memoir
Ellenor Ranghild Merriken
Edited by Janice Dickin

#2 The Last Illusion: Letters from Dutch Immigrants in the “Land of Opportunity,” 1924-1930
Edited and Translated by Herman Ganzevoort

#3 With Heart and Soul: Calgary’s Italian Community
Antonella Fanella
Edited by Janice Dickin
Out of Print

#4 A History of the Edmonton City Market, 1900-200: Urban Values and Urban Culture
Kathryn Chase Merrett

#5 No One Awaiting Me: Two Brothers Defy Death During the Holocaust in Romania
Joil Alpern
Co-Published with the Jewish Heritage Project

#6 Unifarm: A Story of Conflict and Change
Carol Jacques
Edited by Janice Dickin

#7 As I Remember Them: My CHildhood in Quebec and Why We Came West
Jeanne Elise Olsen
Edited by G. Lorraine Oulette and Ian Adam

#8 Alequiers: The History of a Homestead
Mike Shintz

#9 Far from Home: The Memoir of a Twentieth-Century Soldier
Jeffrey Williams

#10 To Be A Cowboy: Oliver Christensen’s Story
Barbara Holliday

#11 Betrayal: Agricultural Politics in the 1950s
Herbert Shultz

#12 An Alberta Bestiary: Animals of the Rolling Hills
Zahava Hanan

#13 Memories, Dreams, Nightmares: Memoirs of a Holocaust Survivor
Jack Weiss
Out of Print

#14 The Honourable Member for Vegreville: The Memoirs and Diary of Anthony Hlynka, MP 1940-49
Anthony Hlynka
Translated by Oleh Gerus

ISSN: 1498-2358