Red Chesterfield Now Available in Braille

Red Chesterfield Now Available in Braille

The Red Chesterfield is now available in braille transcription.

The University of Calgary Press is honoured to partner with the National Network for Equitable Library Service Braille Publication Project to produce a braille transcription of Wayne Arthurson’s The Red Chesterfield

The new transcription is available as both an embossed volume and electronic braille files (BRF) accessible to all braille-readers and available to all Canadians with print disabilities. The book will be available to borrow in ePub, BRF, and embossed braille through the NNELS and public libraries across Canada. It will be available through interlibrary loan, anywhere in the country.

The University of Calgary Press is proud to work with the NNELS to increase accessibility in Canadian literature, and to be a part of the Braille Publication Project. With many fantastic books available from publishers across Canada, it is a valuable ongoing contribution to creating a literature for all Canadians.

Watch for The Red Chesterfield in braille transcription at your local library, on contact the NNELS Braille Publication Project for more information.