image of the book cover of Paul Ricoeur and Narrative: Context and Contestation

Paul Ricoeur and Narrative: Context and Contestation

Edited by Morny Joy

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233 pages

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Hardback: 1895176905

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February 1997

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A fascinating study of Paul Ricoeur’s theory of narrative that offers a helpful survey of many key concepts that will be especially useful to those new to Ricoeur’s work.

Paul Ricoeur’s theory of narrative has implications for a wide spectrum of contemporary thought. This collection of essays explores many of the areas to which his narrative strategies can be fruitfully applied, including architecture, psychology, psychoanalysis, feminist theory, ethics, sociology, medieval and contemporary literature, and religious studies.

Paul Ricoeur and Narrative provides an introduction to the creative and productive resources of Ricoeur’s narrative theory and offers a helpful survey of many of his key concepts for those who may be unfamiliar with Ricoeur’s work.

About the Author

Morny Joy, University Professor in the Department of Religious Studies at the University of Calgary, has published many articles on women and religion, feminist theory, and contemporary Continental philosophy. She is past-president of the Canadian Society for the Study of Religion.

Praise for Paul Ricoeur and Narrative

A fascinating study of the interweaving of Ricoeur’s text and key concepts with each other and with other literatures on (narrative) identity.

—Brigitte Sassen, Studies in Religion

This collection is of significant value to those interested in narrative theory and the theory of metaphor as well as in Paul Ricoeur’s considerable contribution to these fields.

—W. David Hall, The Journal of Religion 

Table of Contents


Foreword: Recounting Narrative
David Pellauer

Morny Joy

A Response by Paul Ricoeur
Une réponse de Paul Ricoeur

From a Poetics of the Will to Narratives of the Self: Paul Ricoer’s Freud and Philosophy
Jocelyn Dunphy Blomfield

Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Letters and Papers from Prison and Paul Ricoeur’s "Hermeneutics of Testimony"
Jamie S. Scott

The Role of Figure in Metaphor, Narrative and Architecture
Graham Livesey

Writing as Reposession: The Narratives of Incest Victims
Morny Joy

Re-reading Myth in Philosophy: Hegel, Ricoeur and Irigaray Reading Antigone
Pamela Anderson

Women’s Memoirs and Embodied Imagination: The Gendering of Genre that Makes History and Literature Nervous
Helen M. Buss

Narrative Songs and Identity in Late-Medieval Women’s Religious Communities
Hermina Joldersma

On Narrative and Belonging
David D. Brown

Québec Narratives: The Process of Refiguration
Dominique Perron

Ricoeur and Political Identity
Bernard P. Dauenhauer

Essay/ing Ricoeur: A Challenge to Ricoeur’s Construction of Historical and Fictional (and Metaphorical) Truth
C. Bryn Pinchin

The Tragic Face of Narrative Judgement: Christian Reflections on Paul Ricoeur’s Theory of Narrative
James Fodor

Narrative Theology Post Mortem Dei? Paul Ricoeur’s Time and Narrative, III, and Postmodern theologies
Terrence W. Tilley

Ricoeur on Ethics and Narrative
Robert D. Sweeney

Mediation, Muthos, and the Hermeneutic Circle in Ricoeur’s Narrative Theory
Linda Fisher

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