Book cover image for: Fisheries and Uncertainty: A Precautionary Approach to Resource Management

Fisheries and Uncertainty: A Precautionary Approach to Resource Management

Edited by Daniel V. Gordon and Gordon R. Munro

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206 pages

6 x 9 inches

978-1-89517-668-1 (Paperback)

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April 1996

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About the Book

The catastrophe in Atlantic fisheries resource management in the 1990s has had important national and international implications that we would ignore at our peril.

What lessons can be learned from the disappearance of cod from the Grand Banks of Newfoundland? Can we apply this knowledge to help explain the recent disappearance of millions of salmon off the coast of British Columbia?

While Atlantic Canada is the specific focus of the papers in this book, the problems addressed are global. A fundamental reorientation of the economics of fisheries management is needed in which far greater prominence is given to the role of uncertainty.

About the Editors

Daniel V. Gordon is Professor of Economics at the University of Calgary.

Gordon R. Munro is Professor Emeritus of Economics at the University of British Columbia.

With Contributions By: Gordon R. Munro, Noel Roy, William E. Schrank, Eugene Tsoa, Daniel E. Lane, Halldor P. Palsson, Tim Lauck, Diane P. Dupont, R. Quentin Grafton, and Paul Macgillivray  

Table of Contents

Gordon R. Munro

What Went Wrong and What Can We Learn from It?
Noel Roy

Origins of Atlantic Canada’s Fishing Crisis
William E. Schrank

The Collapse of the Northern Cod Fishery: Preditor–Prey and Other Considerations
Eugene Tsoa

Stock Rebuilding Strategies Under Uncertainty: The Case for Sentinel Fisheries
Daniel E. Lane and Halldor P. Palsson

Uncertainty in Fisheries Management
Tim Lauck

Limited Entry Fishing Programs: Theory and Canadian Practice
Diane P. Dupont

Individual Transferable Quotas and Canada’s Atlantic Fisheries
R. Quentin Grafton

Canadian Experience with Individual Fishing Quotas
Paul Macgillivray

Approaches to the Economics of the Management of High Seas Fishery Resources
Gordon R. Munroe