Book cover image for: McCarter and Nairne: Significant British Columbia Projects

McCarter and Nairne: Significant British Columbia Projects

Edited by Kathy E. Zimon, Compiled by Linda M. Fraser


207 pages

8.5 x 11 inches

978-1-89517-664-3 (Spiral bound)

978-1-55238-399-5 (Institutional PDF)

March 1995

About the Book

From the holdings of the Canadian Architectural Archives, an inventory of the works of McCartner & Nairne, noted for their impact on Vancouver’s public architecture.

The firm of McCarter & Nairne dominated public architecture in Vancouver from the inception of the partnership between John Y. McCarter (1886-1981) and George C. Nairne (1884-1953) until the completion of the General Post Office in 1958. The respected background and experience of McCarter and Nairne reflected the localization of sophisticated trans-Atlantic architectural practice that both characterized their work and accounted for their success.

The holdings of the Canadian Architectural Archives focus on the architecture of twentieth-century Canada and the work of its outstanding architects. The McCarter and Nairne Collection is a very important one within the CAA’s holdings, as it is one of the few whose history begins in the twenties on the west coast. As such, it provides a historical context and complement to the CAA’s other collections with west coast roots, like the Thompson Berwick Pratt, Arthur Erickson, and Ron Thom collections. It is hoped that this inventory, in both its arrangement and detailed information, will encourage both the appreciation and scholarly interest in one of the most historically significant collections at the Canadian Archtectural Archives.

About the Editors

Kathy E. Zimon is Curator at the Canadian Architectural Archives 

Linda M. Fraser is an archivist at the Canadian Architectural Archives 

Table of Contents

Archival Introduction
Media Abbreviations
Devonshire Apartment Hotel
George Medical Dental Building
Hotel Vancouver
Marine Building
Spencers Department Store
Vancouver Post Office
Vancouver Public Building
Guide to the Indexes
Name Index
Project Index
Address Index
Client Index
Building Type Index