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The Book of Sensations

Submitted by davidsoa on Fri, 12/16/2016 - 11:53am

Book of Sensataions

Sheri-D Wilson
978-1-55238-919-5 (Institutional PDF)
978-1-55238-920-1 (ePub)
978-1-55238-921-8 (mobi)
18.95 CAD / $18.95 USD
128 pages
9 Illustrations
Brave & Brilliant
February 2017


About the Book: 

The Book of Sensations by Sheri-D Wilson embodies an intricate ecosystem of language and feeling. These poems reach their roots down into the depths of what it means to be—to connect to one another, and to connect to the earth. With fine-tuned vocabulary, far-reaching observation, and the dream-vision of the surrealist eye, Sheri-D delves into the personal and the universal, the everyday and the mythical. This book is full of poignant sensations and astonishing realizations. This is a book of life and experience. Put it in your pocket and immerse yourself in a world of sensations.

Language is the essence of being human
Poetry is the essence of language
And Sheri-D Wilson is the essence of essence
—Bob Holman, poet, founder of the Bowery Poetry Club

Books, books, books—why won’t they leave me alone? I can’t sleep because I have too many books, I can’t make love, I can’t eat, I can’t move to a smaller house because I have too many books. If the megathrust earthquake strikes the West Coast, I’ll be flattened by falling books.
—Lorna Crozier, poet, Governor General’s Award winner

About the Author(s): 

Sheri-D Wilson is the award-winning author of eleven books, the creator of four short films, and has released three albums which combine music and poetry. Her collection, Re:Zoom (Frontenac House, 2005), won the 2006 Stephan G. Stephansson Award for Poetry and was shortlisted for the CanLit Award.