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Cover and Uncover: Eric Cameron

Edited by Ann Davis

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Art in Profile: Canadian Art and Architecture

November 2011

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About the Book

Eric Cameron is a major contemporary Canadian artist. Born in 1935 in Leicester, England, he arrived in Canada in the 1970s and has taught at the University of Guelph, the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, and at the University of Calgary. Over the years Cameron has also continued to work in his primary medium, painting, but moved from traditional figuration to a highly conceptual practice with both his process paintings and his “thick” paintings. He has also expanded into video and has written a great deal about his work. His inspired teaching and unusual art have been recognized with major awards, including the Victor Lynch-Staunton Award (1993), the Gershorn Iskowitz Prize (1994), and the Governor General’s Award (2004). Despite Cameron’s prominence, much of the writing about him is by the artist himself.

Cover and Uncover makes a major contribution to the field as it explores Eric Cameron’s art and philosophy. The book is composed of four essays, each covering a different aspect of Cameron’s art, starting with Peggy Gale’s analysis of his writing, then turning to Ann Davis’s consideration of his process paintings and his philosophy, moving to Diana Nemiroff’s review of his videos, and concluding with Thierry de Duve’s observations on his Thick Paintings and his blind rejection of chance. The essays, though written independently, resonate with each other so that the reader comes away with a full picture of a complex artist, his life, his thought, his art production, and how these elements inform each other and have evolved through time. The expert commentary here, richly illustrated with Cameron’s works in multiple media, provides a vital and long overdue critical lens through which to view this important artist.

Ann Davis is Director of The Nickle Arts Museum at the University of Calgary and a prominent art critic, curator, and teacher. She is the author of The Logic of Ecstasy: Canadian Mystical Painting 1920-1940.

With Contributions By:  Ann Davis, Peggy Gale, Diana Nemiroff, and Thierry de Duve

Praise for Cover and Uncover

This text is one of the most sustained critical discussions of Cameron’s work, and each author has provided a well-researched and perceptive analyses of the relationship between his artistic production and philosophical ideas. This is an important contribution to twentieth-century Canadian art history and indispensable reading for anyone interested in the work of Eric Cameron.

—Kristy A. Holmes, University of Toronto Quarterly 

Table of Contents


List of Illustrations

To Uncover: An Introduction

Ann Davis

Eric Cameron: Author! Author!

Peggy Gale

Aristotle and Material Mysticism: Process Painting and Beyond

Ann Davis

The "Imperfect" Artist: Eric Cameron’s Video Toapes

Diana Nemiroff

Some Philosophical Implications of Eric Cameron’s "Routine Extremism"

Thierry de Duve

Eric Cameron: Bibliography