Alberta Formed Alberta Transformed (Vols I and II)

Edited by Michael Payne, Donald Wetherell, and Catherine Cavanaugh

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840 pages, 285 illustrations

8 x 10 inches

978-1-55238-196-0 (Hardback)

April 2006

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About the Book

12 000 years of Alberta history as told by Alberta’s top scholars in a landmark collection of accessible, highly informative essays. This stunning two-volume set is richly illustrated with archival images and bound in handsome embossed hardcover.

To celebrate Alberta’s centennial, the University of Alberta Press and the University of Calgary Press created Alberta Formed—Alberta Transformed, a two-volume set spanning a remarkable 12,000 years of history and showcasing the work of thirty-four of Alberta’s most respected scholars.

Volume 1 sets the stage—from human beginnings in Alberta—to the eve of Alberta’s inauguration as a province in 1905, while Volume 2 takes readers through the twentieth century and up to the 2005 centennial. Edited by provincial historian Michael Payne, along with Donald Wetherell and Catherine Cavanaugh, Alberta Formed—Alberta Transformed consists of thirty distinctive and richly illustrated essays representing a wide range of voices and points of view.

Moving beyond straightforward commemorative history, the contributors often tackle contentious issues and question previous, more conventional approaches and assumptions. Each essay represents a snapshot in time, focusing on a person, a trend, or an event that has played a significant part in shaping the vibrant, often surprising and sometimes raucous, story of Alberta.

About the Editors:

Michael Payne has served as the provincial historian with Alberta Community Development.

Donald Wetherell is professor of Heritage Resources Management at Athabasca University

Catherine Cavanaugh is an associate professor in the History and Women’s Studies departments at Athabasca University.

With Contributions By: Alwaynne B. Beaudoin, Ted Binnema, David Breen, David Bright, Brian Calliou, Sarah Carter, Catherine Cavanaugh, Duff Crerar, Hugh A. Dempsey, Heather Devine, Herb Emery, Gerhard J. Ens, Roger Epp, Alvin Finkel, Max Foran, David Hall, Walter Hildebrandt, John W. Ives, David C. Jones, Patricia Myers, Tammy Nemeth, Gerald A. Oetlaar, Frits Pannekoek, Michael Payne, Trevor Peck, Bradford J. Rennie, Donald B. Smith, Francis Swyripa, J. Rod Vickers, Bill Waiser, Donald Wetherell, and Eldon Yellowhorn

Table of Contents

Volume One


13001 Years Ago: Human Beginnings in Alberta
John W Ives

The Day the Dry Snow Fell: The Record of a 7, 627–year–old Disaster
Alwynne B. Beaudoin and Gerald A. Oetelaar

Buffalo and Dogs: The Prehistoric Lifeways of Aboriginal People on the Alberta Plains, 1004–1005
Trevor Peck and J. Rod Vickers

The Never–Ending Journey of Anthony Henday
Eldon Yellowhorn

"With Tears, Shrieks and Howlings of Despair": The Smallpox Expidemic of 1781–1782
Ted Binnema

Fatal Quarrels and Fur Trade Rivalries: A Year of Living Dangerously on the North Saskatchewan 1806–7
Gerhard J. Ens

"Economy Must Now Be the Order of the Day": George Simpson and the Reorganization of the Fur Trade to 1826
Heather Devine

"On the Edge of the Great Transformation 1857–58
Frits Pannekoek

1879: A Year of Violence and Change
Hugh A. Dempsey

"A Better Life with Honour": Treaty 6 (1876) and Treaty 7 (1877) with Alberta First Nations
Sarah Carter and Walter Hildebrandt

Too Many Sacred People: Alberta and the 1885 North–West Rebellion
Bill Waiser

1899 and the Political Economy of Canada’s North–West: Treaty 8 as Compact to
Share and Peacefully Co–Exist
Brain Calliou

1904–1905: Alberta Proclaimed
David Hall


Volume Two

The Dance of the Grizzly Bear: Boom to Bust, 1912–13
David C. Jones

Enthusiasm to Embattled: 1916 and the Great War
Duff Crerar

1919: "A year of Extraordinary Delight"
David Bright

From Idealism to Pragmatism: 1923 in Alberta
Bradford J. Rennie

1929: "Things Are Seldom What They Seem"
Donald B. Smith

1935: The Social Credit Revolution
Alvin Finkel

1945: Ghosts and Dreams
Patricia Myers

1947: The Making of Modern Alberta
David Breen

1951—Celebrating Together, Celebrating Apart: Albertans and their Golden Jubilee
Frances Swyripa

1967: Embracing the Future . . . At Arm’s Length
Max Foran

Alberta’s Quiet Revolution: 1973 and the Early Lougheed Years
James H. Marsh

1980: Duel of the Decade
Tammy Nemeth

1986: The Bloom Comes Off the Wild Rose Province
Herb Emery

1996—Two Albertas: Rural and Urban Trajectories
Roger Epp

Looking Back on Alberta History: Reflections in a Rear–View Mirror
Michael Payne, Donald Wetherell, and Catherine Cavanaugh



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