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Space and Spatial Analysis in Archaeology

Edited by Elizabeth C. Robertson, Jeffrey D. Seibert, Deepika C. Fernandez, and Marc U. Zender

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430 pages, 209 illustrations

978-1-55238-168-7 (Paperback)

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May 2006

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About the Book

Space and Spatial Analysis in Archaeology is made up of thirty-seven contributions based on and developed from papers presented at the 2001 Chacmool Conference, An Odyssey of Space, one of the first and largest meetings to focus on this increasingly important aspect of archaeological research. The papers discuss studies undertaken in a number of different archaeological settings and incorporate a broad range of methodological and theoretical approaches to spatial analysis. They reflect the roots of spatial archaeology in approaches such as settlement pattern analysis and also look at innovative new directions in the field, such as landscape archaeology and space syntax studies. This range of focus provides a valuable snapshot of the state of spatial research in archaeology as it enters the twenty-first century and reflects its increasing breadth and popularity among archaeological researchers.

Elizabeth C. Robertson is an assistant professor in the Department of Archaeology and Anthropology at the University of Saskatchewan. She has worked on archaeological research projects in Canada, Pakistan, Honduras, and Mozambique.

Jeffrey D. Seibert is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Archaeology at the University of Calgary. He has worked on archaeological research projects in Canada, Belize, and Guatemala.

Deepika C. Fernandez received her MA in Archaeology from the University of Calgary, with a research focus on the zooarchaeology of sites in southern Mexico.

Marc U. Zender is a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University’s Peabody Museum. His research interests include Mesoamerican archaeology, historical linguistics, and comparative writing systems. 

With Contributions By:  Kathryn V. Reese-Taylor, Elizabeth C. Robertson, Jeffrey D. Siebert, Deepika C. Fernandez, Marc U. Zender, Jeffrey Siebert, Mary Ann Owoc, Karen G. Holmberg, Travis W. Stanton, Scott R. Hutson, Elizabeth A. Bagwell, Pamela L. Geller, S.M. Cachel, J.W.K Harris, Hasken Greenfield, Len O. van Schalkwyk, Tina Jongsma, Arthur A. Joyce, William D. Ganzman, H. Stanley Loten, Kevin D. Fischer, Carolyn Aslan, Allan L. Maca, Mark B. Child, Peter C. Dawson, Martin Lominy, Denise Fay Brown, Annegrete Hohmann-Vogrin, Gyles Innanone, Ana Nives, Christine Schryer, Georgios Vavouranakis, Elizabeth R. Arnold, Haskel J. Greenfield, C. Vance Haynes Jr., Graeme Barker, Patrick Daly, Paul Newson, Heather M-L Miller, Olivia Ng, Paul L. Cackler, Randall Law, Jennifer E. Gates, Mark Schwartz, David Hollander, Sharisse D. McCafferty, Geoffrey G. McCafferty, Penelope M. Allison, Michele Mae Bernatz, Rex Koontz, and Carole L. Crumley 

Praise for Space and Spatial Analysis in Archaeology

Most researchers will find worthwhile information, interesting ideas, and relevant case studies in this edited volume.

– Stacie M. King, Journal of Anthropological Research