Book cover image for: Writing the Terrain: Travelling Through Alberta with the Poets

Writing the Terrain: Travelling Through Alberta with the Poets

Edited by Robert Stamp

$29.95 CAD / $34.95 USD

302 pages, 11 maps

978-1-55238-136-6 (Paperback)

978-1-55238-482-4 (Institutional PDF)

August 2005

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About the Book

Take a trip through Alberta with some of Canada’s finest established and emerging poets as your guides. Writing the Terrain is the first anthology dedicated solely to the poetry of the Alberta landscape and cityscape, by authors who have travelled the main roads, back roads, and gravel roads of this vast province. This collection offers a series of poetic journeys through Calgary and Edmonton, through the foothills, the badlands, the Rockies, the central parklands, and the northern boreal forests. Following in the Canadian literary tradition of “preoccupation with place” these are poems that demonstrate a response to the landscape and ponder its effect on the body, mind, and spirit.

Robert M. Stamp is a Calgary author who has published both prose and poetry. He earned a master’s degree in history from the University of Toronto and a PhD from the University of Western Ontario.

With Contributions By: Ian Adam, Tammy Armstrong, Margaret Avison, Douglas Barbour, John Barton, Doug Beardsley, Bonnie Bishop, E.D. Blogett, Robert Boates, George Bowering, Tim Bowling, Georg Bowring, Jan Boydol, Gordon Burles, Murdoch Burnett, Anne Campell, Weyman Chan, Lenoard Cohen, Dennis Cooley, Joan Crate, Michael Cullen, Cyril Dabydeen, Lorne Daniel, Alexa DeWeil, Jason Dewientz, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Cecelia Frey, Garry Geddes, Deborah Goden, Jim Green, Leslie Greentree, Vivian Hansen, Tom Heinihan, Michael Henry, Walter Hildebrant, Gerald Hill, Robert Hilles, Nancy Holmes, Richard Hornsey, Rom Howe, Bruce Hunter, Aislinn Hunter, Laurence Hutchman, Sally Ito, Pauline Johnson, Aleksi Kazuk, Robert Kroetch, Fiona Lam, William Latta, Tim Lilburn, Alice Major, Kim Maltman, Eli Mandel, Miriam Mandel, Sid Marty, David McFadden, Barry McKinnon, Erin Michie, Deborah Miller, Anna Midochowska, James M. Moir, Colin Morton, Erin Mour√©, Charles Noble, P.K. Page, Rajinderpal Pal, Joseph Pivato, Roberta Rees, D.C. Reid, Monty Reid, James Rewford Watson, r. rickey, Monty Reid, Ken Rivard, Ruth Roach Pierson, Stephen Scobie, Allan Serafino, Joan Shillington, Greg Simison, Caron Sokoloff, Karen Solie, Robert Stamp, Stephan Stephansson, Peter Stevens, Ivan Sundal, Anne Swanell, Vana Tessier, Eva Thianyi, Coleen Thibadeau, John O. Thompson, James Thurgood, Yuvonne Trainer, Aritha van Herk, Rosalee van Stelten, Miriam Waddington, Wilfrid Watson, Phyllis Webb, John Whyte, Sheri-D Wilson, Christopher Wiesman, Christine Wisenthal, Stacie Wolfer, Richard Wollatt, Rita Wong, Tom Wyman, and Jan Zwicky


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