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Edited by Andrew King, Jocelyn Belisle, and Lawrence Eisler

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174 pages

12 x 7 inches

978-1-55238-105-2 (Paperback)

978-1-55238-299-8 (Institutional PDF)

January 2004

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About the Book

Discover the dynamic relationship between from and function of the city in word and picture.

Building/Art discusses changing ideas about the nature and function of the city as an essential cultural network, one that each of its inhabitants participates in, whether consciously or unconsciously.

The city acts as a backdrop to everyday life and influences the ways in which individuals interact with a greater cultural community. How would life be different for us as individuals if we lived in a different kind of city? What interventions can be made at an architectural level to make our city a more engaging place to live?

In this theoretical discussion and visual display of urbanism, vital connections are made between modernism as an international movement and its manifestations in Canadian architecture. With contributions from experts in diverse fields of inquiry, Building/Art offers a discussion of the dynamic relationship between form and culture in word and picture.

About the Editors

Andrew King is an adjunct assistant professor at the University of Calgary, School of Architecture, Faculty of Environmental Design. He has worked around the world, most notably with Zaha Hadid in London, Tim Hiede in Berlin, and Brian Mackay-Lyons in Halifax.

Jocelyne Belisle is an intern architect who lives and works in Calgary. She graduated from the architecture program at the University of Calgary where she developed a strong interest in strengthening the relationship between the built environment and urban culture in Canadian cities.

Lawrence Eisler teaches in the School of Architecture, Faculty of Environmental Design at the University of Calgary. He also operates a multi-faceted design studio that offers landscape architecture, graphic design, home/office furniture design, interior design, home accessory design, and photographic services.

With Contributions By:  Adrian Blackwell, Affleck + de la Riva Architects, AKA, Andrew King, Atelier BUILD, Chris Macdonald, Dereck Revington Studio, DIN Projects, Down+Livesy Architects, Eisler Design, George Baird, housebrand, Gregory Elgstrand, Jocelyn Belisle, John Brown Architect, Lawrence Eisler, Marco Polo, MEDIUM, Michael McMordie, Nial Savage Architecture, ordA, Pechet+Robb, Peter Lawrence Wood Studio, Peter Yeadon, Plant, Public Dreams Society, and Stephanie White 

Table of Contents

Andrew King, Jocelyne Belisle, Lawrence Eisler

Literary Essays
Gregory Elgstrand

Photographic Essays
Lawrence Eisler

Architectural Essays
Andrew King, Jocelyn Belisle, Lawrence Eisler

Jocelyne Belisle

A Reflection on the State of the Theory of Urbanism in North America
Gorge Baird

Stephanie White

Form/Politic: A Manifesto for a New Public Space
Andrew King

The System: Luminous Veil
Marco Polo

Undisclosed: Architecture in the New Public Landscape
Chris McDonald

Calgary’s Generation
Michael McMoride

Contributor Biographies

A Note on Graphic Design Strategy Lawrence Eisler