Book cover image for: Doubt’s Boots: Even Doubt’s Shadow

Doubt's Boots: Even Doubt's Shadow

Charles Noble

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174 pages

978-1-55238-100-7 (Paperback)

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About the Book

Doubt’s Boots is a long poem that gathers itself as it scatters to chance, to pre-conditions, indices of how the times of themselves are guilty

Charles Noble’s long poem playfully connects autobiography, narrative, philosophy, history, and satire and experiments with language and structure in a way that pushes the limits of contemporary poetry. Noble leaves no leaf unturned as he touches on issues related to contemporary Western society, including mass media culture, gender politics, postindustrial technology, and the politics of postmodern culture.

About the Author

Charles Noble was born in Lethbridge and raised in Nobleford. He earned his BA in English and Philosophy from the University of Alberta. He now divides his time between Banff and Nobleford, where he farms with his brother.