Book cover image for: Protected Areas and the Regional Planning Imperative in North America

Protected Areas and the Regional Planning Imperative in North America

Edited by J.G. Nelson, J. C. Day, Lucy M. Sportza, James Loucky, and Carlos Vasquez

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444 pages, 119 illustrations

6 x 9 inches

978-1-55238-084-0 (Paperback)

978-1-55238-435-0 (Institutional PDF)

March 2003

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About the Book

Regional planning is imperative if North America has any hope of retaining continental biodiversity and environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable development. This timely collection of essays presents new protected area theory, method, and practice as an explicit part of regional planning. With a North American focus, these essays consider the history of ecology, policy, and planning of protected areas in the context of the fundamental need for a linkage with ongoing regional planning. Protected areas and regional planning must be pursued, not as separate, but rather as interrelated activities if both are to achieve their place in decision-making in North America.

J.G. Nelson is distinguished professor emeritus and chair of the Heritage Resources Centre at the University of Waterloo. With over forty years of academic and field experience in environmental studies around the world, he maintains a deep and enduring interest in the creation and management of parks and protected areas.

J.C. Day earned his doctoral degree in integrated water and land management from the University of Chicago. He is an emeritus professor in the School of Resource and Environmental Management, a graduate program at Simon Fraser University.

Lucy M. Sportza teaches in the Department of Geography at the University of Guelph.

With Contributions By:  JG Nelson, JC Day, Lucy Sportza, Carlos Israel Vázquez, James Loucky, Keven McNamee, Scott Brennan, John C Miles, Carlos Castillo S, Bruce AB Currie-Alder, Christopher Gosselin, Graham Forbes, Stephen Woodley, Bill Freedman, Patrick Lawrence, Heather Black, Kenneth W Cox, Sabine Jessen, Natalie Ban, Marvin O Jensen, Steve Gatewood, Christopher E Williams, Exequiel M Ezcurra, Roberto Martínez, Ilena Espejel, Noél Arón Fuentes, Gustavo D. Danemann, Lina Ojeda Revah, Ella Vázquez-Domínguez, Alejano Robles, Hans Hermann, Jürgen Hoth, David Gauthier, and Ed Wicken 

Priase for Protected Areas and the Regional Planning Imperative in North America: 

A unique and valuable contribution to the literature on protected areas.

– Paul F. Wilkinson, Alternatives Journal

The strength of this edited compilation is the attention to the regional and landscape level concern for ecological, socioeconomic, cultural, and land use management issues… Overall, this book is an important and unique contribution to building awareness, knowledge, and understanding of the landscape level and the need to integrate nature conservation with sustainable development.

– Chad P. Dawson, Society and Natural Resources

This book is an eloquent illustration of the importance of trans-boundary cooperation in conserving the biological diversity of North America. The examples from Canada, the USA, and Mexico demonstrate convincingly that land-use planners are beginning to think at a landscape scale. The Commission on Environmental Cooperation will be given a boost by this book, which clearly identifies the priorities for Canada, Mexico, and the USA. Landscape planning will never be the same! 

– Jeffrey A. McNeely, Cheif Scientist, IUCN-The World Conservation Union