Book cover image for: Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Western Canada: From Family Businesses to Multinationals

Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Western Canada: From Family Businesses to Multinationals

Edited by James J. Chrisman, J. A. D. Holbrook, and J. H. Chua


376 pages, 65 illustrations

6 x 9 inches

978-1-55238-075-8 (Hardback)

978-1-55238-373-5 (Institutional PDF)

May 2002

About the Book

Cutting-edge research and new scholarly perspectives on the nuance of the entrepreneurial process in Western Canada.

This collection of articles by Canadian scholars adds to a growing literature that examines the nature of the entrepreneurial process at the national and regional levels. Presenting emerging research programs and scholarly perspectives on the roles of innovation, entrepreneurship, and family business in economic development, this book enriches our understanding of the nuances of the entrepreneurial process in western Canada.

The articles in this volume cover a wide range of methodologies, including purely conceptual pieces, theory-building exercises based on field research, literature reviews, large-scale empirical studies, and presentations of new methodological advancements that further research in these fields. Focusing on western Canada, contributors examine where and how unique approaches to the process of new venture creation yield insights for researchers and practitioners.

About the Editors

James J. Chrisman is a professor in the faculty of management at the University of Calgary. He holds an endowed professorship in Family Business Entrepreneurship and is director of the faculty’s Centre for Family Business Management and Entrepreneurship.

J. Adam D. Holbrook is an adjunct professor and associate director at the Centre for Policy Research on Science and Technology (CPROST) at Simon Fraser University. He is the leader of InnoCom, a network of researchers in innovation studies in western Canada and is the western regional director for Innovations Systems Research Network.

Jess H. Chua is a professor in the faculty of management at the University of Calgary. He holds an endowed professorship in Family Business Management.

With Contributions By:  Michael W. Chiasson, James J. Chrisman, Jess H. Chua, Vance Gough, J. Adam D. Holbrook, Lindsay P. Hughes, Peter JOsty, Robert Kleysen, Cooper H. Langford, Reginald A. Litz, W. Ed McMullan, Ron Mitchell, Eric Morse, James K. O’Grady, Yun W. Park, Janet Peace, Peter W.B. Phillips, Pramodita Sharma, Robert A. (Sandy) Slator, Richard Smith, Lloyd Steier, Anne Tyrie, Karl H. Vesper, and Myron Weber

Praise for Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Western Canada 

Readers looking for a broad perspective on innovation and entrepreneurship, both in terms of subject matter and type of author (practitioner, public policy, and academic) will find this a good read.

– Ed Leach, Canadian Journal of Administration Sciences 

This book will add greatly to business and entrepreneurship literature.… It contributes by helping to move the field forward and providing specific guideposts for researchers and practitioners.

—Julio O. De Castro, University of Colorado at Boulder

Table of Contents


Innovation Systems

Regional Systems of Innovation as Modern R&D Entrepots: The Case of the Saskatoon Biotechnology Cluster
P.W.B. Phillips

Techmaps: A Tool for Understanding Social Capital for Technological Innovation at a Regional Level R.K. Smith

The Alberta Innovation System: The Main Players and Suggested Research Priorities
P. Josty

Cooperative Mercantilism: Public Policy Dilemmas Managing the Generation and Application of Ideas Toward Economic Development
M. Chiasson

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Developing Market Economies: The Aboriginal Case in Northwest British Columbia
R. Mitchell and E. Morse

The Link Between Innovation and the Use of Human Resources in British Columbian Enterprises
J.A.D. Holbrook and L.P. Hughes

Networking Support to Innovative Young Firms: Pathways of Knowledge
C.H. Langford, A. Tyrie, and J. Peace

Innovations in Entrepreneurial Support Programs

Lessons from Successful Innovations in Entrepreneurial Support Programming
W.E. McMullan, J.J. Chrisman, and K.H. Vesper

Developing Entrepreneurs in a Hybrid Management and Entrepreneurship in MBA: A Case Study in Calgary
W.E. McMullan and V. Gough

A Preliminary Assessment of the Effectiveness of Project-Based Assistance to Medical Entrepreneurs at the University of Calgary
M. Webber, J.J. Chrisman, J. O’Grady, and V. Gough

Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Management in a Family Business

Investing With Families in Business: A Venture Capitalist’s View
R.A. Slator (edited by J.H. Chua)

Your Old Men Will Dream Dreams, Your Young Men Will See Visions: A Conceptualization of Innovation in Family Firms
R. Litz and R.F. Kleysen

Family and Non-Family Priorities in Family Firms: Preliminary Evidence
J.H. Chua, J. J. Chrisman, and P. Sharma

Executive Pay Practices in Family Controlled Firms in Canada: A Preliminary Study
Y. Park

Exploring the Role of Trust in Family Firms L. Stier