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Understanding Stone Tools and Archaeological Sites

Brian P. Kooyman

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214 pages, 95 illustrations

978-1-55238-035-2 (Hardback)

978-1-55238-021-5 (Paperback)

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April 2000

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About the Book

This valuable volume of investigative archaeology focuses on stone tools, the artifacts produced by these tools, and the revealing debris left behind at sites where they were produced. The majority of study sites discussed are in western North America, including Alberta’s own Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump, a World Heritage Site. Suitable for both the scholar and the interested layperson, Understanding Stone Tools and Archaeological Sites provides a comprehensive study in archaeological lithic analysis. This concise, “hands-on” guide to practical exploration at stone tool sites will become required reading for those pursuing studies of any sort in prehistoric lithic artifacts. The inclusion of maps, illustrations, and photographs broadens the reader’s understanding of deriving meaning and relevance in the study of stone tool technology.

Brian Kooyman is a professor of archaeology at the University of Calgary. 


SILVER, 2001 Alberta Book Awards - Scholarly Book of the Year | 2001

SELECTION, 2000 CHOICE Outstanding Academic Titles | 2001