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Looking for Country: A Norwegian Immigrant's Alberta Memoir

Submitted by Anonymous on Thu, 06/04/2015 - 8:27am

Ellenor Ranghild Merriken
Janice Dickin (Editor)
978-1-55238-392-6 (Institutional PDF)
$19.95 CAD / $22.95 USD
175 pages
21 b/w illustrations, index
November 1999


About the Book: 

"Looking for Country" refers to the thought process of animals bent on escape. A stampeding herd, or a spooked horse running away with its rider, may be described as "looking for country." It could also be applied to this memoir in another sense -- immigrants were looking for land, a piece of new country, and, perhaps, an escape from their old country. This memoir documents the experiences of a young woman growing up as a pioneer in Alberta. Although, for many people, immigration brought great sadness, Ellenor loved Alberta and took tremendous pride in the years spent there. She did not deny the struggles, as shown in her writing, but was amply rewarded by "the satisfaction of knowing that I have had a part in the making of a great country."

About the Author(s): 

Ellenor Ranghild Merriken was the youngest daughter of the Olsen family. Immigrants from Norway, they were new to the prairies of east-central Alberta and unprepared for the challenges that faced them in their new country.