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Submitted by justin.anders on Fri, 06/05/2015 - 8:10am

Below you will find links to our areas of specialization. We also welcome manuscripts that do not neatly fall under any of the below series. While our areas of interest and our resources focus around the series, we are always interested in reading manuscripts that make a difference and make us think. Please feel free to submit your manuscript for our review.

Africa: Missing Voices

ISSN 1703-1826 (print) ISSN 1925-5675 (online)

This series illuminates issues and topics concerning Africa that have been ignored or are missing from current global discourse. These titles address concerns that been long overlooked in political, social, and historical discussions about this continent. A primary focus is local governance issues. This series is intended to be published in open access format in collaboration with African university presses and libraries.

Series Editor: Donald Ray Professor, Political Science Chair, Traditional Authority Applied Research Network (TAARN) University of Calgary

Art in Profile: Canadian Art and Architecture

ISSN 1700-9995 (print) ISSN 1927-4351 (online)

Art in Profile showcases the contribution of contemporary Canadian artists and architects both emerging and established. Each book provides insight into the life and work of an artist or architect whose innovative and creative imagination is “making a difference, making us think.”

Series Editor: Michele Hardy, Curator, Nickle Galleries, University of Calgary

Arts in Action

ISSN 2371-6134 (print) ISSN 2371-6142 (online)

This new series focuses on illuminating, promoting, or demonstrating the fundamental significance of the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences to public well-being and contemporary society – culturally, spiritually, socially, politically, and economically – with the aim of raising awareness of the essential skills, perspectives, and critical understandings of societal issues these disciplines cultivate.

Co-published with Mount Royal University

Series Editor: Jeffrey Keshen, Dean, Faculty of Arts, Mount Royal University

Beyond Boundaries: Canadian Defence and Strategic Studies

ISSN 1716-2645 (print) and ISSN 1925-2919 (online)

Canada’s role in international military and strategic studies ranges from peacebuilding and Arctic sovereignty to unconventional warfare and domestic security. This series provides narratives and analyses of the Canadian military from both an historical and a contemporary perspective.

Series Editor: 
Rob Huebert, Professor, Political Science, Associate Director of the Centre for Military and Strategic Studies. Chair, Editorial Board, University of Calgary Press, University of Calgary

Brave & Brilliant

ISSN 2371-7238 (print) ISSN 2371-7246 (online)

The literary imprint of UCalgary Press, Brave & Brilliant publishes fiction, poetry, and everything in between and beyond. Bold and lively, each with its own strong and unique voice, Brave & Brilliant books entertain and engage readers with fresh and energetic approaches to storytelling and verse, in print or through innovative digital publication.

Series Editor: Aritha Van Herk, Professor, English, University of Calgary

Calgary Institute for the Humanities

ISSN 2560-6883 (print) ISSN 2560-6891 (online)

The humanities help us to understand who we are and where we came from; they help us to understand and respectfully engage with those who are different from us; and they encourage a curiosity and imagination that allows us to bring older ideas to the new worlds in which we find ourselves. Books in this series embody this spirit of inquiry.

Canadian History and Environment

ISSN 1925-3702 (print) ISSN 1925-3710 (online) 

This new series explores topical issues in Canadian history as seen through an environmental lens. It launches a new partnership between the University of Calgary Press and the Network in Canadian History & Environment/Nouvelle initiative canadienne en histoire de l’environnement (NiCHE)

Series Editor: 
Alan MacEachern, Associate Professor, Department of History, Director, NiCHE: Network in Canadian History & Environment, University of Western Ontario

Cinemas Off Centre

ISSN 1912-3094 (print) ISSN 1925-2927 (online)

This series presents cutting-edge research that provokes and inspires new interdisciplinary explorations of past, present, and emerging cinematic trends by individuals and groups of filmmakers from around the world. The series has a strong interest in Canadian subjects.

Series Editor: Darrell Varga, Canada Research Chair in Contemporary Film and Media Studies, NSCAD University (Nova Scotia College of Art and Design) 

Energy, Ecology and Environment

ISSN 1919-7144 (print) ISSN 1925-2935 (online)

The Alberta landscape is the focal point for international discussions about energy and natural resources, and ecological and environmental concerns.

Series Editor: Petra Dolata, Associate Professor and Tier II Canada Research Chair, Department of History, University of Calgary

Global Indigenous Issues

The Global Indigenous Issues series explores Indigenous peoples’ cultural, political, social, economic and environmental struggles in para-colonial and post-colonial societies. The series includes original research on local, regional, national, and transnational experiences. We especially welcome studies that connect local realities to global dynamics as well as comparative analyses of Indigenous issues both within and between the Global North and Global South.

Series Editor: Roberta Rice, Assistant Professor, Political Science, University of Calgary

Latin American & Caribbean Studies

ISSN 1498-2366 (print) ISSN 1925-9638 (online)

This series redefines our understanding of historical and current issues in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Copublished with the Latin American Research Centre.

Series Editor: 
Hendrik Kraay, Professor, Department Head, Department of History, University of Calgary 

Northern Lights

ISSN 1701-0004 (print) ISSN 1925-2943 (online)

The circumpolar North is an area of contemporary discussion and historical fascination. This series highlights diverse areas of northern scholarship, including natural sciences, social sciences, and the humanities.

Co-published with the Arctic Institute of North America.

Series Editor: Elisa Hart, Anthropological researcher, Arctic Institute of North America 

Small Cities: Sustainability Studies in Community and Cultural Engagement

This new series is interested in discovering and documenting how smaller communities in Canada and elsewhere differ from their larger metropolitan counterparts in terms of their strategies (formal and informal) for developing, maintaining, and enhancing community and cultural vitality, particularly in terms of civic engagement, artistic animation, and creative place-making.

Published with the support of Thompson Rivers University.

Series Editors:
Will Garrett-Petts, Professor of English and Associate Vice-President of Research and Graduate Studies, Thompson Rivers University
Nancy Duxbury Carreiro, Senior Researcher, Centre for Social Studies, University of Coimbra, Portugal, and Co-coordinator of its Cities, Cultures, and Architecture Research Group

The West

ISSN 1922-6519 (print) ISSN 1925-587X (online)

This series focuses on creative non-fiction that explores our sense of place in the West. How do we define ourselves as Westerners and what impact do we have on the world around us? Essays, biographies, memoirs, and insights into Western Canadian life and experience are highlighted.

Series Editor: 
Aritha van Herk, Professor, Department of English, University of Calgary