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A Family Heritage: The Story and Songs of LaRena Clark

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Edith Fowke
Jay Rahn
978-1-55238-337-7 (Institutional PDF)
$27.95 CAD / $31.95 USD
308 pages
Music scores and words, bibliography, indexes
June 1994


About the Book: 

New folk music and folk-song materials in this comprehensive study are particularly important for singers, folk music enthusiasts, ethnomusicologists, comparative and cultural studies scholars, and those interested in Canadian culture. LaRena Clark was a great singer and knew many fine songs. Her wide repertoire covers almost the complete range of types and topics of traditional Anglo-Canadian songs. Comparison with other collections in Canada, the United States, the British Isles, and Australia indicate just how unique and far-reaching it was. Clark's background and her varied ancestry shaped her repertoire. The account of her parents' activities gives a vivid picture of folk life in rural Ontario during the early years of this century. She knew some Canadian songs previously unreported, and she wrote songs with a strong Canadian flavour. Musically, Clark's songs are a microcosm of practices characteristic of British folk music throughout the English-speaking world. Particularly noteworthy is her constant reworking of traditional materials, procedures, forms, and individual tunes.

About the Author(s): 

The late Edith Fowke, an internationally known folklorist, produced more than twenty books, countless articles and eight record albums devoted to Canada's oral heritage.
Jay Rahn is a Canadian ethnomusicologist and is a Professor of Music at York University. He has published extensively on ethnomusicology, music theory, and music history.