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Visible Cities

Submitted by davidsoa on Thu, 03/02/2017 - 11:23am

Visible Cities

Kathleen Wall
Veronica Germinder (Photographer)
978-1-55238-960-7 (Institutional PDF)
978-1-55238-961-4 (ePub)
978-1-55238-962-1 (mobi)
18.95 CAD / $18.95 USD
120 pages
37 colour figures, notes, bibliography, index
Brave & Brilliant
October 2017


About the Book: 

Visible Cities prompts readers to reconsider their relationship to the landscapes of cities. Poems explore streets in cities all over the world, while the photographs find beauty in back lanes, observe people taking their coffee breaks, capture people playing with a work of public art or pulling a ladder onto the roof of a downtown building.  The language of the poems creates a poetic style that expresses the challenges and joys of living in cities. The photographs come from all over the world-Regina, Saskatoon, Chicago, New York, Paris, and Venice.

About the Author(s): 

Kathleen Wall is the author of Without Benefits of Words, Time's Body, and Blue Duets which was shortlisted for the Saskatchewan Book Award for fiction.

Veronica Geminder holds an Honours B.A. in the History of Art and Architecture from McGill University and a Masters in Philosophy in the History and Philosophy of Architecture from Cambridge University.