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The Fast-Changing Arctic: Rethinking Arctic Security for a Warmer World

Edited by Barry Scott Zellen and Mead Treadwell, With an Afterword by Lawson Brigham

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410 pages, 14 illustrations

6 x 9 inches

978-1-55238-646-0 (Paperback)

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978-1-55238-649-1 (ePub)

Northern Lights

June 2013

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About the Book

In this timely new book, international scholars and military professionals come together to explore the strategic consequences of the thawing of the Arctic. Their analyses of efforts by governments and defence, security, and coast guard organizations to address these challenges make timely and urgent reading.

Rather than a single national perspective, The Fast-Changing Arctic brings together circumpolar viewpoints from North America, Europe and Asia for an integrated discussion of strategic military, diplomatic, and security challenges in the high North. Thoughtful analyses are included of different regions, climate issues, institutions, and foreign and security policies.

This is an important book for students of international studies, political science, and northern studies.

With a Foreword by the Honorable Mead Treadwell and an Afterword by Lawson W. Brigham.

Barry Scott Zellen is a specialist on Arctic security, sovereignty, and self-governance. He directs the Fast-Changing Arctic Project as a Senior Fellow at the Institute of the North and is a member of the board of directors of the Arctic Research Consortium of the United States.

With Contributions By: Alun Anderson, Caitlyn Antrim, Rasmus Gjedsso Bertelsen, Lawson W. Brigham, Ian G. Brosnan, Daniel Clausen, J.G. Michael Clausen, Lassi Kalevi Heininen, Nong Hong, Rob Huebert, Henrik Jedig Jorgensen, P. Whitney Lackenbauer, Thomas M. Leschine, James Manicom, Edward L. Miles, Barry Scott Zellen, and Katarzyna Zysk

Praise for The Fast-Changing Arctic: 

The Fast-Changing Arctic is a comprehensive treatment of current Arctic policy issues by authors with diverse backgrounds and perspectives… a coherent whole.

– John D. Jacobs, Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research

The Fast-Changing Arctic provides many new perspectives on a traditional understanding of Arctic security.

– Nikolas Sellheim, The Polar Record