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Concise Place Names of Alberta

Submitted by Anonymous on Thu, 06/04/2015 - 8:27am

Merrily Aubrey (Editor)
$39.95 CAD / $40.95 USD
398 pages
313 b&w photographs, 1 map, endnotes, bibliography, appendices
August 2006


About the Book: 

Toponymy, the study of place names, can provide a wealth of interesting information about a particular region. This new abridged volume of Alberta place names includes entries for a select number (about a quarter) of officially named cultural and geographical features in the province. The entries are arranged alphabetically for easy reference and include all incorporated bodies such as cities, towns, villages, summer villages, and rural municipalities; mountains over 3,000 metres; and rivers and major lakes. Information on the background of geographical naming in Canada and Alberta is also included. Illustrated with black and white photographs, this book is an excellent reference for those who wish to learn about the history and geography of Alberta through its place names.

About the Author(s): 

Merrily Aubrey is the Head of the Alberta Geographical Names Program at Alberta Community Development in Edmonton. She holds a Master of Library Science degree and has previously worked as a Senior Archivist at the Provincial Archives of Alberta.