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In Those Days, At This Time: Holiness and History in the Jewish Calendar

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Eliezer Segal
978-1-55238-371-1 (Institutional PDF)
$24.95 CAD / $28.95 USD
340 pages
Suggested reading, glossary, index
December 2007


About the Book: 

Eliezer Segal's approach to Jewish history and tradition is light-hearted and humorous. In Those Days, At This Time is a collection of entertaining short essays that explores the intricate framework of sacred days and times that make up the Jewish festival calendar. Each piece is devoted to an occasion in the cycle of sacred seasons. With such intriguing titles as "Getting a Handel on Hanukkah" and "The Eggs and the Exodus," these essays bring a touch of whimsy to a complex and deep-rooted religious tradition. Segal investigates the ways festival observances have been shaped over the generations, looking at different interpretations of their rituals, their symbolism, and their adaptation to changing historical circumstances.

About the Author(s): 

Eliezer Segal is a Professor of Religious Studies at the University of Calgary, where he has been teaching since 1986. In addition to his scholarly writing, he has published extensively for non-specialist audiences on diverse topics related to Jewish history and tradition. Through his website and newspaper columns, he has attracted a broad readership with his amusing style and novel perspectives.