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Danger, Death, and Disaster in the Crowsnest Pass Mines 1902-1928

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Karen Buckley
978-1-55238-323-0 (Institutional PDF)
$34.95 CAD / $34.95 USD
215 pages
28 b&w photos, 1 table, 6 charts, definitions, bibliography, notes, index
November 2004


About the Book: 

The Crowsnest Pass is famous for the tragic rock slide at Frank in 1903, but almost as famous are the many coal-mining tragedies that afflicted the region in the early twentieth century. With the discovery of a rich coal deposit in the region, the area underwent an economic boom and a spike in population that is still evidenced today. Unfortunately, with this type of mining, in rugged and often dangerous conditions comes the threat of disaster and occasionally death. This book examines carefully the various calamities that have afflicted the area and considers the impact on the inhabitants and victims of these numerous tragedies. Using original source material such as grave markers, folk songs, and oral histories, the author portrays vividly the psychological and sociological features of both the individual and collective responses to death and danger, giving the reader a unique picture of mining communities that is as true today as it was a century ago.

About the Author(s): 

Karen Buckley earned her master's degree from the University of Calgary in Canadian history and currently works as Associate Archivist at the University of Calgary Archives.