Book cover image for: Many Faces of Gender: Roles and Relationships through Time in Indigenous Northern Communities

Many Faces of Gender: Roles and Relationships through Time in Indigenous Northern Communities

Edited by Lisa Frink, Rita S. Shepard, and Gregory A. Reinhardt

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269 pages, 42 illustrations

6 x 9 inches

978-1-55238-093-2 (Paperback)

978-1-55238-397-1 (Institutional PDF)

Northern Lights

December 2002

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About the Book

Many Faces of Gender is an interdisciplinary volume that addresses the dearth in descriptions and analyses of gender roles and relationships in Native societies in North America’s boreal reaches. This collection complements existing conceptual frameworks and develops new methodological and theoretical approaches that more fully articulate the complex nature of social, economic, political, and material relationships between indigenous men and women in this region. The contributors challenge the widespread notion that Native women’s and men’s roles are frozen in time, a concept precluding the possibility of differently constructed gender categories and changing power relations and roles through time. By examining the prehistorical, historical, and modern records, they demonstrate that these roles are not fixed and have indeed gradually transformed. Many Faces of Gender is ideal for anthropologists and archaeologists interested in cross-disciplinary studies of gender, households, women, and lithics.

Many Faces of Gender is co-published with the University Press of Colorado 

Lisa Frink is a member of the Anthropology department at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Rita S. Shepard is co-ordinator of education outreach and a research associate at the Costen Institute of Archeology at UCLA.

Gregory A. Reinhardt is professor of anthropology at the University of Indianapolis.

With Contributions By:  Lisa Frink, Rita S. Shepard, Gregory A. Reinhardt, Harry Stewart, Lillian A. Ackerman, Carol Zane Jolles, Jennifer Ann Tobey, Barbara A. Crass, Brian W. Hoffman, Peter Whitridge, Hetty Jo Brumbach, and Robert Jarvenpa

Praise for Many Faces of Gender: 

Fascinating to read… the mix of archaeological and ethnographic studies makes it a fine example of anthropology’s holistic approach.

—Alice B. Kehoe, Alaska Journal of Anthropology