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Amphibians and Reptiles of Alberta: A Field Guide and Primer of Boreal Herpetology

Submitted by Anonymous on Thu, 06/04/2015 - 8:27am

A. P. Russell
Aaron M. Bauer
Wayne Lynch (Photographer)
Irene McKinnon (Illustrator)
978-1-55238-281-3 (Institutional PDF)
$24.95 CAD / $28.95 USD
291 pages
Bibliography, glossary, index, 28 maps, 27 colour photos, 136 b/w photos, 49 b/w illustrations
September 2000


About the Book: 

Amphibians and reptiles (herpetofauna) are a significant but much-neglected component of the natural economy of the province of Alberta. This second edition, which continues both as a field guide and a comprehensive natural history, builds on the strengths of the first with a richly illustrated text and colour photographs of the species taken by renowned wildlife photographer Wayne Lynch. The award-winning first edition received recognition in the Emerald Awards for Environmental Excellence. This second edition has been thoroughly revised and updated. Nomenclature has been changed to reflect current thinking in the field. New photographs have been added, and maps and illustrations have been updated.

About the Author(s): 

Anthony P. Russell is a professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Calgary.
Aaron M. Bauer is a professor in the Department of Biology at Villanova University, Pennsylvania.